Loose Leaf Tea

For thousands of years pure whole leaves of the tea plant have
been picked from the highest slopes and brewed without bags, flavorings or added ingredients. This is the traditional Chinese way. In America most of us experience tea only from tea bags-an “innovation” introduced in 1904. Like much culinary “progress” of the last 100 years, the tea bag brought with it mediocre quality in pursuit of a fast and inexpensive way to consume tea. Think of it like the “innovations” of serving wine in boxes or dinner frozen in plastic trays for consumption in front of the TV. You get the picture.

High Quality
Loose tea, like fine wine, opens up a sensuous experience of texture, taste & aroma that’s just not possible with tea in tea bags. At EIGHT CRANES, our tea has no additives or flavorings. Just pure whole tea prepared as in ancient times. Tea bag tea, by contrast, is finely
crushed dried tea. It is the fluff that is left over after the whole
fresh leafs have been selected out of the harvest for loose
tea drinkers. Hardly Gourmet. Think of it as the difference
between drinking freeze dried instant coffee versus coffee
brewed from high quality the freshest whole beans.

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