Tea Culture

Loose tea consumption is truly a reflection of the values of Chinese culture. In China, tea consumption is intimately interwoven into
the daily fabric of life –its taste, texture and aroma reflect the very essence of life itself.

China is known as the cradle of tea and Tea Culture. Over thousands of years, and across every level of their society, the Chinese have enjoyed and perfected the art of making and enjoying tea. Royal historians, folk artists and ordinary people alike have contributed to the well-documented history of tea. Across the dynasties, a unique tea culture evolved, and tea drinking became an important daily ritual for Emperors, aristocrats, scholars, and country folk alike. People drank tea not only for its purported healing properties, but also as an enjoyable cultural experience. A comprehensive understanding of Chinese tea culture
must include four subjects:

  • the places where Chinese teas are produced,
  • the origins of teahouses,
  • the tea ceremony and
  • the links between tea and Buddhist philosophy

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